About me

Calin Sandici
Calin Sandici

Father of two and husband of one, I’m a Google AdWords enthusiast, a Google Analytics addict, and an E-Commerce die-hard fan.

Currently I’m running my own Digital Marketing company, creating and running Google AdWords, Bing and AdRoll campaigns, auditing Google AdWords accounts, implementing and troubleshooting Google Analytics installations and generally doing various things AdWords/Analytics & E-Commerce related.

Some of the past hats I’ve worn are:

  • manager of a software development department counting about 60 people
  • project manager (web & desktop applications)
  • web developer

I’ve built websites with HTML and Javascript when there were no visual editors, and when browsers were nowhere near the level of compatibility we see today.

I’ve supervised the creation of E-Commerce websites (and the associated back-office software), and soon after I’ve decided to implement Google Analytics and to try to understand how customers were interacting with those websites. That was the first turning point.

After (successfully) blocking AdWords (and other) ads, I’ve decided that I want to explore this medium as well, and started using it to generate profit. Call it the second turning point.

I passed my exams and became an AdWords Qualified Individual, and I joined the AdWords forum, where I begun to learn much more by solving other people’s problems. About nine months later, I joined the select club of AdWords Top Contributors (you’ll have to work that mouse wheel and scroll all the way to the bottom). Make it the third turning point.

As of today, I am also a blogger. I am at the beginning of my journey.