AdWords long keywords lists organizer

What do you do, when you’ve got a long, heterogenous list of keywords? You don’t place it all in the same Ad Group, right? No. Be it from AdWords’ KeyWord Tool, from the list of suggested keywords when you create a new ad, or downloaded from Google Analytics, you need to split it into smaller, targeted groups of keywords.

One way is to put it in a text editor, and start copying and pasting until you’re done. Loooong after you’ve started.

Another way would be to use the AdWords Editor and its keyword grouper, and let it split it into smaller groups, and placing them in ad groups. But that does not offer you enough control.

How about using a tool which acts pretty much like your brain does, i.e. it looks at a keyword, and based on the presence or absence of a certain word in it, decides if it should go to one list or another? You can use it to separate keywords into ad groups, and also to separate useful keywords from negative keywords.

The tool I’m talking about is pretty easy to build, and I’ve built it using both Excel and Google Spreadsheets. You can check it out here, and if you like it, save it as an Excel file and use it offline as well. I did it because it was requested by a fellow AdWords Community member here, and found myself using it soon after.

It features the long keywords list in the first column, and the words to split it by in the first line.

Then, each cell, in each column featuring a “split by” keyword as a header, is either filled with the keyword containing the splitter, if the splitter is found in it, or with blanks, if the splitter is not found.

In the end, if you select one of the columns with the splitter in a header, you will have all the keywords in the long list which contain the splitter. Easy, right? It has a word in it, it goes in that group. It doesn’t have it, it stays put. The same process applies to every splitter.

If you liked it, feel free to comment on this blog and tell me how much time it saved you. If there’s anything you feel it can be done better, feel free to improve it, and post a better version, or a link to it, here.

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