Sponsored promotions (image ads) in GMail?

While reading my e-mails today I’ve seen an ad format I’ve never seen before in GMail: “a new type of ad you can save to your inbox or forward on. If you dismiss this ad, you won’t see it again

On the right, there was this image

GMail Images Ads - Sponsored Promotions

Under it, there was a small link reading “More promotions” (if I remember correctly, the above picture does not include the link), which, upon clicking, revealed a new page with more promotions, looking like this

GMail Images Ads - Sponsored Promotions

When clicking the above one, a nice big image opened

GMail Images Ads - Sponsored Promotions

with the following explanation

GMail Images Ads - Sponsored Promotions

Does anybody know what it actually is and how can we create such promotions ourselves? If you do, please let me know. If you don’t, tell me what you think it is.

Apparently, they’ve been around for a while, as Sakis Rizos pointed out on my G+ stream (, and they’re also present in Italy, according to Andrea Testa.


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